Skrilla UGQ  * UnderGroundQueen* Is a female artist from Bristol UK  who first came on the scene in 2012 with the release of her mix ‘The Warm Up’ which  was followed by her first official mixtape ‘Certified Queen’ in 2013 which was hosted by DJ Melody Kane. To date Skrilla UGQ has been featured on many established blogs and national/international mixtapes (sbtv homegrown mixtape, unsigned hype, new mobo music).

Skrilla UGQ is all about representing for the Queens (Kings&Queens). Why fit in when you were born to stand out! Stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone! As an artist Skrilla often speaks on topics that some may see as controversial or not being in line with the current trends.  Skrilla UGQ says “I’m all about self love, respect and balance. For me “Queen is more than a title, It’s a way of life”. It’s how you feel and how you see yourself. It’s the positive energy you bring, your awareness and your message! Just like her hero’s Skrilla doesn’t do it to be great, she does it because it’s necessary. #QUEENWAVE

Skrilla UGQ
Skrilla UGQ - #QWMM Back Cover
Skrilla UGQ

Giving Back! In 2012 Skrilla launched the The Make It Worth It Campaign where she went around to secondary schools as a motivational speaker using her life experiences to positively inspire the youths. Skrilla UGQ and Anonymous Media UK also teamed up with local youth charity Full Circle and launched the #WAGU project (We Ain’t Giving Up) which took place over the summer of 2014.

Skrilla has just released her latest mix #QWMM (QueenWave Mini Mix) which is a compilation of her released and unreleased tracks from 2014.

2015 will be an interesting year for the UnderGround Queen as her #QueenWave has only just begun. Stay Tuned x